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"As a business owner, if I had an employee giving company assets to outsiders in exchange for money on the side, I'd fire him. Perhaps even have him jailed. In any other venue we call it bribery, payola and theft. But in the American political system, we call it freedom of speech. We don't jail them, we re-elect them."
Jack Lohman


Hard cover, 272 pages

ISBN:          0-9768906-3-1     
LCCN:        2005903925      
Pub. DatE: June 15, 2006   
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Politicians - Owned and Operated by Corporate America

Why Campaign Reform is Critical to the
US Economy and National Security

By Jack E. Lohman


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Follow the Money!

It simply doesn't matter what your core issue is, follow the money and you'll virtually always find a politician at the end with his hand out. Tax giveaways for the rich and subsidies to corporations are chump-change compared to the massive societal costs of the reverse government policies that are bought and paid for by corporate interests. Follow the campaign contributions to find out why health care costs are rising at 15% per year, why a totally new private industry was established to administer the Medicare drug plan, and why companies are no longer penalized for hiring illegal immigrants.

Remember the golden rule: He who has the gold rules! And in this case, it's the special interests who want more wealth than they already have and are willing to share that wealth with the politicians who helped make it all happen.
  • See how our moneyed political system costs each taxpayer over $3000 per year to offset government tax giveaways and other corporate welfare.
  • How over $100 million per year from health care lobbyists has fueled the manipulation of government rules resulting in spiraling health care costs, and have successfully blocked meaningful health care reform.
  • How massive campaign contributions from the wealthy pharmaceutical industry won new rules that protect them from low-cost generics, all while much of their research is funded by the taxpayers.
  • How massive amounts of cash have fueled the hands-off policy at the Mexican border resulting in depressed U.S. worker wages to the benefit of corporate executives and shareholders and to the detriment of the public.
  • How corporations rule government rather than the other way around, thanks to the "kinder, gentler SEC" bought and paid for by corporate CEOs.
  • How business interests contribute eight times more than labor interests to our elected representatives, driving economic and trade policies that will ultimately bury U.S. sovereignty.
  • And how CEO wages are increasing by 25% to 50% per year, all while job losses proliferate, thanks to the free trade laws influenced by campaign contributors.

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