Meet the author....
      Jack Lohman

Jack Lohman is a retired business owner and freelance writer who volunteers time on election and health care reform, mostly at the state level. His commentaries have been published in many state outlets including the Capital Times in Madison, the Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Business Journal and Wisconsin's Small Business Times.

As a life-long Republican, Lohman takes more shots at the GOP than the Democrats because they currently have control of the purse strings and it is they who are giving away the store.

Neither party is good for the country, but unfortunately, come election time, one of them is going to get elected nonetheless. We'll have to then start our battle anew, unless we fix the system today.

And unless there is immediate and complete reform, the voter's only option will be to throw them all out of office in the next election. Only a major turnover in congress will get politicians working for the people rather than their pocketbook.

"Wisconsin businessman and reform leader Jack Lohman is a true soldier for democracy. This book tells how our deeply flawed system of privately financed elections benefits the big contributors and hurts ordinary Americans. The good news is he also lays out how to set things right. Read this book, feel the outrage and join Lohman in fighting for new “Clean Elections” victories!"

Nick Nyhart
Executive Director, Public Campaign

"Jack Lohman is an inspiring crusader against the corruption of our politics. Principled and passionate, he consistently challenges wrongdoing in both parties. Yet, this is no armchair radical's critique. As a successful businessman, he understands exactly how governmental policy making and regulatory processes have been warped by big money and bad intentions. And he uses that knowledge to point us in the direction of the real reforms that will let government again be the ally of honest businesses and a real free market, rather than the paid partner of the moneyed special interests that buy their monopoly privileges with campaign contributions."

John Nichols
Political Writer
The (Madison, WI.) Capital Times and The Nation